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Some people follow the myth that Afghan Jihad owes its victory to US aid and weaponry. This is far from reality. Sometimes back I read Artyom Borovik’s experiences in Afghanistan during the War and his conversations with deserting Soviet soldiers and media men of his time. A couple of quotes to blow the myth;

Peter Arnett, Moscow correspondent of CNN, who travelled along the dukhis (Russian slang for Mujahideen) said:

“It’s one more uncommon war. The rebels don’t even have radios to send out information about themselves. Many of them were armed with ancient weapons: bolt-action Enfield rifles and rusty copies of the Kalashnikov.” (p.67)

Mikhola Movchan, a Soviet soldier who deserted, went to Sayyaf’s men and later found his way to USA said:

“They were armed with only ancient augers that went back to the time of the British invasion. In 1983 they had no other weapons. Can you imagine using flint augers against tanks, helicopters, and bombers? This is the truth.” (p.176)

Artyom Borovik, The Hidden War: A True Story of War in Afghanistan, Faber and  Faber Ltd. London 2001

Artyom Borovik was a prominent Russian investigative journalist. In 1987 he began working with Ogonyok (The Flame), the leading magazine of the glasnost years.

Book was originally published in 1990 in USSR by International Relations Publishing House.

It was solely the great spirit of Jihad the razed to dust the arrogance of the Red Bear and Alhamdulillah same spirit is now knocking down the The Devil.

Last thirty years prove Jihad is the ultimate power no matter how averse to it are the disbelievers and heretics!

Indeed Allah knows the best!


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